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Sandra Molendyk


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and the art of Thriving

How to create long term harmonious passion in your life

Power in Silence

Power in Silence
How to reset your mind to have intrinsic motivation, internal reward, focus, and success

The Winning Cup

The Winning Cup

How Engagement, Confidence, Imagery, And Flow Can Help You and Your Company to Achieve Business Excellence


Elite Athlete Confidence 

Elite Athlete Competence, Confidence and Flow


Servant Leadership for Healers 

Servant Leadership for Healers


Being Present

Being Present
in Life, Work
and Relationships
Compressed YouTube Video


Illuminating our multicultural colours

Illuminating our Multicultural Colors
Teaching from a place, which celebrates our diversity.

A Contemporary

Empowering Communities
A Contemporary Approach


New Renaissance Leadership
Creating and Inspiring Legacy and Art
in Our Lifestyles
and Organizations

Sandra in the News

  • Gonzaga University School of Professional Studies
    Interview with Marlene Martzke
    March 11, 2011

     "Feats of athletic strength, prowess, and skill are often attributed to determination, commitment, training, and guts. But in a world where the difference between victory and defeat can be measured in one-hundredths of a second, sometimes it takes a little more. Call in Sandra Molendyk, Organizational Leadership student and sport shaman. A resident of Vancouver, B.C., Molendyk is a spiritual healer who has been practicing her unique brand of healing arts for 17 years. World-class athletes feel her unusual talent has given them a new edge to their performance." (Click here to read the rest of the article)




  • AQ
    The Magazine of Simon Fraser University
    Alumni Watching
    November 2010
    "Remember Jon Montgomery's amazing skeleton run at the 2010 Winter Olympics? The gold-medal performance followed a visit by the entire skeleton team to Sandra Molendyk (BA'02, GDBus'04) in Revelstoke, who calls herself a "sports shaman." They had their sleds blessed, built a totem pole, and discovered their individual spirit animal. Montgomery's is the turtle, and he proudly wore the symbol on his helmet and sled."

    SFU Alumni Watch
  • George Stroumboulopoulos
    Interviews Jon Montgomery
    March  23, 2010

    George Stroumboulopoulos


  • Lattimer Gallery
    February 20, 2010
    "In September of 2009, members of the Olympic Skeleton Team consulted with British Columbian shaman Sandra Molendyk to receive some spiritual guidance, and to have their sleds blessed."

    Jon Montgomery Sled  


    Terry Bell of CanWest Olympic Team
    Interview with Canadian Olympic Skeleton Team
    February 17, 2010
    Photograph by: Colleen De Neve , Calgary Herald
    "It was awesome, a great getaway weekend," Hollingsworth said. "A lot of it has to do with getting to know yourself, flushing away all the crap inside of you and having peace. You learn more about your soul and spirit." Mellisa Hollingsworth

    Mellisa Hollingsworth


  • Waking up the West Coast Healers and Visionaries
    by Jamie Kowal
    "Whether and elite athlete, weekend warrior, parent, or business executive, Sandra Molendyk is able to help clients excel at all levels of life...The benefits include awakening to one's inner wisdom, increased self esteem, learning to trust one's own gifts, spiritual and emotional healing, and a safer, more pain free life."

    Sandra Molendyk - Waking up The West Coast Healers and Visionaries


  • 1560 The Game
    Houston Texas Radio Station

    1560 The Game